Tea time – 9-8-2015

What a strange fascination we have with making robots that replace humans. Bina48 is a talking head (bina48) .  The Japanese are really into it (just go to youtube.com and search for ‘Human like robots’ and you will get an eye and ear full.

Why?  Are there not enough people in the world?  I’m pretty sure they eat more coal powered electricity and are less efficient than the 100 W bio-powered systems they imitate.  Perhaps “Actroids” are cheaper than humans but you must have to pay the voice over folks right?

How about AI?  There seems to be a great resurgence in fear of AI.  If you have ever had to work on over a million lines of code with little documentation and an expansive team you know that no one person knows how each section actually works.  Thus, you end up with people who specialize in portions of a code base.  Or, how about something as complex as a space station?  No human has the whole thing in their head.  However, if you could make an AI with a much larger and more available memory that could take the whole thing in and understand every nuance of every system.

Here is another example.  Biology is VERY complex.  Not only do you have to deal with ATC and G patterns for replicating proteins but you also have to deal with the methylation of start sections that disable or enable portions via environmental influence.  Genetics + epigenetics = exponential complexity.  Ok.  So none of us can fathom the entire thing at once.  But a very cool AI could.  It could fathom the entire thing at once and assist with the development and evaluation of the exabytes of genetic data and it wouldn’t even have to sleep.  Probably eat a lot of coal though.  Can’t be helped.

So, why do some people fear AI and why do some people insist on making silly human-like robots?